What is RE:GROUP?

RE:GROUP is a leadership gathering that happens twice a year and is one of the primary opportunities for investment in the lives and leadership of our key group life leaders.  We want to provide the highest quality resources and equipping we can to ensure you’re able to effectively and skillfully shepherd the group of people God has placed in your care.  Recognizing that every group and group leader are at different places in their own experience and the life cycle of their group, RE:GROUP provides a platform to be able to address a variety of topics relevant to everyone.

What will I experience?


  • Dinner or refreshment are provided, as a small token of appreciation for your work as a group leader
  • This is an opportunity to reconnect with your peers and meet new ones


  • We strive to offer original, exceptional speakers who can address topics related to group life, leadership, or spiritual development.  Some past speakers include: Lance Witt, Gary Thomas, Bill Willits, as well as our own Pastors Merle Mees, Tim Overby and Josh Herod.
  • We know you will walk away feeling inspired and challenged!

Skill Development

  • All sessions are highly practical, but we seek to make this event the most useful possible in your own walk with Christ and in your leadership capacity.  This may include breakout sessions, labs, or peer-learning environments covering a variety of topics.

Who is it for?

  • All current Community Group leaders at PV and their spouses
  • Your apprentice leader who may be nearly ready to begin leading a Community Group
  • All current Student Home Group leaders, Children’s Ministry Shepherds, Starting Point leaders and Support Group facilitators
  • All Community Directors

*Because RE:GROUP will only meet twice a year, all group leaders are expected to make every effort to be at all three gatherings throughout the year.  Though you will need to provide your own childcare for the evening, reimbursement vouchers will be available at this event to help offset the cost to those for whom that might be a barrier.  Contact Betty for details or questions.

Get specific info on past and upcoming RE:GROUP events here.

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