What if you could share a whole weekend with your Community Group in a context unlike any other you’ve likely experienced before?!  PV Family Camp is just such an opportunity to build deeper relationships with your Community Group.  Look at it as an annual turn-key retreat weekend that could be catalytic in helping establish some new relationships or taking existing relationships to deeper level.  There’s nothing like having a shared experience in a setting other than your typical group environment.

Here’s one Community Group leader’s experienced at Family Camp…

We had a great time going to Family Camp as a Community Group. It was a lot of fun to get to know the people outside of group, because we were able to see a different side of people.  The experience really brought us closer together as a group.  Our group reserved rooms all in the same lodge and shared the task of preparing meals together in the kitchen.  Some of the best memories were all of the men of our group taking the kids out fishing, playing cards until real late in the night, talking outside together, going to the bonfire and just watching the kids be kids together and have a lot of fun.  We have members of our group that have gone in different directions…started new Community Groups, moved out of town, etc…but still, every year, we look forward to being able to share time together at Family Camp.

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    The Family Life Retreat (formerly Family Camp) is a great chance to engage the families in your group outside your typical environment. See what other group leaders have said about how this weekend impacted their group…

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