Because the makeup of every group is different, we try not to dictate across-the-board whether or not on-campus Community Groups will meet.   Depending on how the calendar falls, outside of the Easter and Christmas holidays, there are only three other times a year that we have “Family Worship Weekends” (i.e. regular children’s groups do not meet)…

  • Easter
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Fourth of July (or weekend after)
  • Christmas (may or may not be on a weekend)
  • Weekend between Christmas/New Years (no children’s groups of any kind, including nursery)

While it’s only four or five times a year, these weekends are important for a couple of reasons…

First, it’s a chance to show appreciation for our awesome children’s ministry partners by giving them a much deserved break from their normal duties.  Second, it’s a great chance for families to worship together. On such weekends, we’re working to provide some resources for younger children to enjoy during the services and also some alternative locations to worship for families with active young children who need to get up and move around without it being disruptive.

Please note, it is up to you and your group members whether or not you would like to meet.  We only ask that if you ARE NOT meeting on one of the above weekends, please notify leadership the week before, so that we can ensure all needed meeting rooms are properly set up.