Perhaps you identify with Dr. Larry Crabb who described his prayer life as “dull, intense only in crisis, occasionally meaningful and passionate but mostly lifelessly routine.”  I think if most of us are honest, though we know prayer is essential something in this practice seems to elude us for some reason. That’s why in 2015, as a church, we want to make it a focus to intensify prayer–individually, corporately, in Community Groups, in worship gatherings, in families and when we’re alone.

In future posts throughout this year we’ll address specific ways to intensify prayer within your Community Group, as well as share opportunities in the life our church for you and your group members to take further steps in growing in the area of prayer.  Click here or on the following image for a short message from Jerry, Bill and Neil about some upcoming opportunities and see the details below…

Prayer Opportunities

Upcoming Opportunities…


5 sessions training to intensify your personal prayer life through the application of Jesus’ template for Kingdom prayer.
Wednesdays, Feb. 18 – Mar. 25  |  6:30 – 8:00pm



Evening with author and speaker John Smed
Friday, March 20  |  7:00 – 9:00pm


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