What is it?

This study, based on Matthew 1:1-17, is designed to help Community Groups dig into the lessons we can learn from the genealogy Matthew uses to introduce his Gospel account of the life of Jesus.  This study is thematically designed to parallel the December 2015 PV message series by the same title, but will at some points look at different characters and aspects of their stories, and can be used as a stand-alone study.

Study SynopsisTwisted Branches cover

Behind the names of Matthew’s carefully selected list we find human stories riddled with both sordid and honorable details. This illustrates beautifully the human story in all its messy and scandalous glory. Behind the mess of the human story lie two great themes: God’s sovereignty and God’s mercy. In this study we will explore both themes at work in the human stories of Jesus’ earthly lineage as presented in Matthew’s genealogy.  Behind the mess and unpredictability of the human story, God is weaving another story, of harmony and redemption, seen in these Twisted Branches.

Where do I get it?

A Leader’s Guide is all that’s needed for this study.

  • Print copies are available in the CG Resources section of the PV Library (SW corner).
  • Downloadable PDF version is available here.
  • PDF version that is laid out for easier personal printing (larger file size) is available here.

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