For the last 7+ years the Curriculum Guide has been the first go-to resource for group leaders in determining what to study.  The Guide has being retired and we’re excited to introduce it’s replacement–the Curriculum Pathway!

Why the Change?

The consistent feedback from leaders was the Curriculum Guide was too broad in terms of the number of choices.  Especially for newer leaders, more options is not always better, as it can be quite overwhelming.  So, the Curriculum Pathway seeks to still give flexibility, but within a bit smaller pool of options.

Topical Progression

We recognize that there is a logical topical progression to the content you study that needs to happen as the group progresses relationally through the Group Life Cycle.  Certain studies and style of studies are more appropriate for the Foyer or Living Room, while others are best used in the Kitchen or Patio.  So, with each season of the Life Cycle there is a clear progression of categories/topics for Bible study.  Under each category/topic are listed multiple studies—you choose the one that best fits your group.  After completing the study for that category/topic, move to the next category. The exact studies you choose along the way are less important than making sure you follow the thematic progression of the categories/topics as they’re laid out.

Crucial Conversations

One additional feature of the Curriculum Pathway is the inclusion of a Crucial Conversation at key points in the Life Cycle.  These conversations are crucial for refocusing on the purpose and direction of the group, while also helping group participants self-evaluate how well they’re living up to the expectations they’ve agreed to.  Leading your group through these Crucial Conversations will further help to keep you on track and and encourage deeper levels of engagement.

How do You Begin Using It?

For new groups starting, using the Pathway will be easy as you just start at the beginning and let it guide you along the way.

For existing groups, the first step is to identify where you are in the group Life Cycle.  Some of this will be based on amount of time you’ve been together, but more important is gauging the level of relationships within the group.  We encourage you to discuss this with your Community Director in determining where you are in the Life Cycle.  Then, simply begin using the Pathway in determining what to study.  As you follow the topical progression, it will help lead your group naturally through the Life Cycle.

Where Do I Get the Curriculum Pathway?

Click here to access a PDF version of the Pathway.  Physical copies are available in the CG Resource section of the PV Library (far West end).  The Curriculum Pathway will also be part of the Leader’s Handbook for all new group leaders going forward.

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