We’re making changes to how we as a church will direct expressions of generosity this Christmas season. “Adopt-A-Family” needs will be met exclusively through Community Groups, while we will focus church-wide efforts on three ways to give to our local community through specific Local Compassion Partners. As a Community Group, we suggest the following priority of ways for you group to engage:
  1. Needs within Your Group

    Is there an individual or family in your Community Group struggling with unemployment, a crisis, or specific financial/material need?  If so, we encourage your group to commit to ensure needs of those in the group are addressed first by those already in relationship with them.

  2. Help a Designated PV Family

    Beyond your own Community Group, would your group be willing to come alongside a PV family identified by our Care Ministry? The needs may vary, but we will try to find a situation that fits your group’s capacity to assist. We anticipate assisting 15-20 families, total.

  3. Three Ways to Give (Church-wide Initiative)

    If your group has already met priorities 1 & 2, you are invited to participate through one of the 3 church-wide ways, of providing  Food, Diapers, or Utilities.
    [ Click here for more details on church-wide initiatives ]

We would like every group to let us know how your group plans to participate in Christmas Compassion 2017.  Please use the button below…

Click Here button

Click Here to read more about a whole new way of serving together that was introduced at RE:GROUP in October 2017.

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