What do you do during the holidays?  Make a point to use this different season strategically!

Expect it be less consistent

For most people, the 5 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to be busy and distracted, so you can expect it be less consistent, especially you still plan to meet consistently.  Do meet, but be strategic with when and how you meet during this period.

Do something social

Holidays are a natural time to just do something fun and social together.

  • Share a group meal together, and include the kids.
  • Plan a “Christmas Party with a Purpose.”
  • Go on a Christmas Lights tour together.
  • Do a separate mens/womens outing.
  • Attend Silent Lord’s Supper Service together (Sunday, Dec. 16, 6pm, Chapel)

Serve Together

Do a short study

Keep it short, easy to engage with, but not with much “homework.”

A Christmas Study
Here are links to several Christmas studies we’ve done in the past.  Most of these were done in tandem with a PV sermon series, but were designed to work independent of those messages.  So, they should work for you.  Most are 3-4 weeks long.  If you’d like print versions of any of these, let me know and we can get them for you.

Interrupted    |   The Word Became Flesh   |  Twisted Branches    |    The Purpose of Christmas

Another Short Study
Here are some shorter studies, all DVD studies that you might consider.  We have all these in the PV library (far West end, closest to the Cafe)

Prayer: Remix,  Louie Giglio  (DVD  3 sessions)
The Purpose of Christmas, Rick Warren  (DVD/Study Guide  3 sessions)  *we also put together a non-video version of this.
Who Needs Christmas?, Andy Stanley  (DVD  3 sessions)
Seeing God as Perfect Father, Louie Giglio  (DVD  4 sessions)
Grace: the One and Only, Louie Giglio  (DVD  5 sessions)

Do Sermon Based Discussions
Discussing the weekly sermon is a great way to leverage content common to everyone, but allow you to dig in and process it as at a deeper level.  All PV sermons are available via podcast or online: pleasantvalley.org/media/sermons  for those who may miss one.

Here are some set questions you can use for just about any sermon, in addition to any message-specific questions you come up…

  • What was one thing the Holy Spirit seemed to be impressing on you through the message?    (Notice it may not be some thing that was explicitly said in the message)
  • Was there anything you didn’t understand or wasn’t clear?
  • In light of this message and our discussion, what is God calling you to do this week?
  • How can we best pray for you in your current circumstances?

These questions are intended to give you a jumping off point and allow you to take the conversation where ever it needs to go.

A RightNow Media Study
As a PVer you have free access to RightNow media, which has tons of video studies.  The videos are free, but then in most cases, if there’s a leader and/or participant, you can buy them separately through Amazon, etc.  If you don’t already have a RightNow login, you can get one here:  https://pleasantvalley.org/watch/media/


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