Panel Discussion hosted by 20Somethings

On August 1st, 2019, PV Twenty-Somethings hosted a public panel to bring clarity and truth to the conversation surrounding the intersection of mental health and the Gospel.
Panelists included….

  • Counselor Robie Sullivan, LPC
  • Counselor Karen Mees, LPC
  • Lead Pastor Merle Mees
  • Care Pastor and Army Chaplain John Newsom
  • Student Pastor Brad Daniel

The panelists addressed a whole host of topics including medication, spiritual warfare, tactics to improve and sustain mental health, how to care for others who encounter mental illness, the hope that the Gospel brings, and so much more!

Listen Here:

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Sermon Series Discussion Guides

In order to allow groups a chance to reflect on these important topics, we will be producing discussion guides for groups to talk about the sermons preached by Pastor Merle. By Sunday morning of each week of the series, there will be both print and electronic versions of the discussion guide available.  (Print copies will be in the West end of the Library.)

Access PDF versions below:  (*will be available by Sunday morning of each weekend)

Week 1 – Sept 14/15 – Overview   –  Watch Online     Message Outline

Week 2 – Sept 21/22 – Depression  –  Watch Online    Message Outline

Week 3 – Sept 28/29 – Anxiety  –  Watch Online  Message Outline

Week 4 – Oct 5/6 – Guarding your Mind –  Watch Online    Message Outline

Week 5 – Oct 12/13  –  Shame  –  Watch Online


Series Followup Panel Discussion – Oct 15, 7pm

Mark your calendar now to attend the Followup Panel Discussion, Tuesday, Oct. 15, 7pm in the Worship Center.  Have a question or topic you’d like to see addressed?  Email Caleb Eissler: