A Whole New Way of Serving Together

In full disclosure, the topic of serving together is one we've addressed with much clarity or expectation for Community Groups.  Aside from mentioning in the Community starter study for new groups, we really don’t talk about it much beyond periodic appeals for help with church initiatives.  So, if you weren’t sure exactly what the expectation … Continue reading A Whole New Way of Serving Together

Groups That Serve Together Grow Together

It’s no secret that our society is captivated by the ideals of social action and global awareness. Our culture has established these things to be of utmost importance. Beyond mass humanitarian response to tragedies like the Haiti or Japan earthquakes, we’re constantly presented with opportunities to build a home through Habitat for Humanity, provide clean … Continue reading Groups That Serve Together Grow Together

The Privilege of Giving

A big Thank You to every one of you who took part in PV's Adopt-A-Family this past Christmas!  If you’ve participated, you know what a blessing this can be not only the families you are giving to, but for you and your group as well!  I’m reminded of Jesus’ paradoxical statement, quoted by Paul in … Continue reading The Privilege of Giving