A Whole New Way of Serving Together

In full disclosure, the topic of serving together is one we've addressed with much clarity or expectation for Community Groups.  Aside from mentioning in the Community starter study for new groups, we really don’t talk about it much beyond periodic appeals for help with church initiatives.  So, if you weren’t sure exactly what the expectation … Continue reading A Whole New Way of Serving Together

Deeper Waters Studies

On-going Theological Equipping for PV Leaders A good leader knows an essential part of leadership is to continue growing and learning themselves.  That's why we've begun offering theological, doctrinal, and Bible-book studies designed specifically to help you further grow as a leader and teacher of God's Word.  Led by knowledgeable teachers (often Seminary or Antioch … Continue reading Deeper Waters Studies

Every Leader Needs a Mentor

Every leader needs someone to come alongside them with words of truth and wisdom to encourage, admonish, and help them in their life and leadership.  Biblically, that's the on-going discipleship process.  A Community Director is a mentor of Community Group Leaders that can do just that, by engaging in intentional Gospel conversation with focused discussions … Continue reading Every Leader Needs a Mentor

Announcing the Leader’s Toolbox

I'm excited to let you know about the Leader's Toolbox--a new, optional leadership training environment for Community Group Leaders at PV. Once a leader is grounded in the foundational skills and knowledge of group leadership, the ongoing process of continuing to grow come from practice and accumulating additional "tools" to add to their toolbox.  That's exactly what … Continue reading Announcing the Leader’s Toolbox