This study is a part of ONE KC — an initiative to saturate Kansas City and cities around the world with the Good News of Jesus during Lent, 2021. As a church, we will be participating by asking everyone to participate in a daily reading plan, which will be supplemented by weekend sermons and a Community Group watch experience.


Reading Plan

Beginning Feb. 17, read or listen to 1 to 3 chapters of the Gospels each day leading up to Easter.  See reading plan here

Group Watch Experience

To supplement the reading plan, groups are encouraged to consider watching a film portrayal of the Gospel of Mark and then have a discussion.  The goal of the reading and watch experience are to see and hear the Gospel in perhaps a different way that we may typically approach them.  These films are Word for Word scripture and are available in over 500 languages at  See instructions near bottom of this page if your group is meeting virtually.

Watch Group Schedule

Videos can be accessed on or through YouTube.  Click the tiles below to open YouTube playlists including several videos for each week, followed by discussion questions listed below. Links below will open in an new tab.

Weekly Discussion Questions

These set questions to use each week are intended to be a very conversational discussion about the experience of reading and watching, using the Discovery Bible Study method.  Feel free to add additional questions, but be sure and preserve the discussion-oriented tone of the group, as opposed to a one-dimensional teaching environment.

  • What stood out to you from today’s viewing?
  • How would you summarize these chapters in a sentence or two?
  • What did you learn about Jesus in these chapters?
  • What did you learn about people/humanity in these chapters?
  • What is God asking you to do, be, embrace, change and/or believe from these chapters?

Is your group meeting virtually?

Watching a video together becomes more challenging if some or all of your group members are meeting virtually.

How to Watch OneKC Videos on Zoom

Video will open in a new tab. This video tutorial walks you through the steps for watching a YouTube video together on Zoom.

Not Using Zoom? Consider one of these other alternatives:

  1. Watch videos individually, then meet virtually to discuss.
    Consider starting your meeting virtually by sharing the discussion questions to be thinking about. Then give the link to the video playlist, and have everyone go watch the videos on their own device. Then, when finished, rejoin the virtual meeting for the discussion.
  2. Watch together using an online service.
    There are a number of sites that allow multiple viewers to watch a Youtube video simultaneously on their own devices. In most cases you create a “room,” paste the Youtube link you want to watch, and then share the unique link to the room with those you want to join you. When you start/pause/stop the video, it will be seen by all users. Some services even include a text or even voice chat option.
    Watch2Gether – free, no account required. How to use.
    SyncTube – simple design. No tutorial or instructions, though.
    TwoSeven – very simple interface, requires account creation by the host.
    Youtube with Friends – Google Chrome extension, every person viewing would need to enable extension in Chrome, in order to use.

    You can explore other shared viewing alternatives here, if interested.