Church-wide Study – beginning Jan. 2022

HOW TO REACH THE WEST AGAIN, by Timothy Keller In this short but sweeping manifesto, New York Times bestselling author and pastor Timothy Keller argues that Christianity’s decline in the West should prompt us to rethink the church’s mission from the ground up. Using the early church as our guide, churches and individual Christians must … Continue reading Church-wide Study – beginning Jan. 2022

Introducing Rooted

We're excited to introduce a new approach to connection and group formation called Rooted.  Rooted is an 11-week small group discipleship experience, in which groups gather each week, and, with a workbook and facilitator, walk through Scripture and engage in discussion.  Rooted is not just another group study, though!  Through a highly experiential model, Rooted reinforces … Continue reading Introducing Rooted

Host a Christmas Party with a Purpose

During the holidays, it's not uncommon to for many of us to host a Christmas party of some kind, whether it's with our Community Group, family, co-workers, or friends and neighbors.  So, why not leverage this gathering for a greater impact, by easily incorporating a food/item collection? As part of our Love Our City initiative, … Continue reading Host a Christmas Party with a Purpose

Christmas Compassion 2017

CHANGES TO CHRISTMAS COMPASSION OUTREACH We’re making changes to how we as a church will direct expressions of generosity this Christmas season. “Adopt-A-Family” needs will be met exclusively through Community Groups, while we will focus church-wide efforts on three ways to give to our local community through specific Local Compassion Partners. As a Community Group, we suggest the … Continue reading Christmas Compassion 2017