LT_blue badge_lrgI’m excited to let you know about the Leader’s Toolbox–a new, optional leadership training environment for Community Group Leaders at PV.

Once a leader is grounded in the foundational skills and knowledge of group leadership, the ongoing process of continuing to grow come from practice and accumulating additional “tools” to add to their toolbox.  That’s exactly what the Leader’s Toolbox is designed to do–help equip you with the specific skills and knowledge needed to go even further in your group leadership.

These short trainings will focus on specific group-related topics to help you sharpen your skills.  See a topic you’re currently facing or think would be helpful to you?  Then sign up and attend!  Not a topic of current interest?  That’s okay; another likely will be.

  • SHORT:  One or two sessions each
  • OPTIONAL:  Participation is optional, on an as-needed basis
  • PRACTICAL: Each session will focus on a different, specific aspect of group leadership

We will continue to have RE:GROUP twice a year (early-Spring and mid-Fall), as the primary source of inspiration, encouragement and on-going leader development, but we are excited to offer the Leader’s Toolbox as a great additional supplement.

You can see upcoming dates of Leader’s Toolbox sessions as well as browse additional articles and resources here.


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