You’re invited to participate in a church-wide study and group participation emphasis this Fall!

We’re excited to create a catalytic church-wide emphasis with opportunities for people to join existing or newly formed groups, studying content that will align with weekend sermon series this Fall.

Current group leaders: Use the link below to let us know if you plan to participate in the church-wide study…

Church-wide Study:

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry
by John Mark Comer

7 sessions | Video & discussion guide 

Video lengths range  9-14 min. and is available on RightNow Media Optional: Book available as supplement

Preview on RightNow Media >

How is this different from past church-wide studies?  

We’ve never used past church-wide studies as an opportunity to launch new groups or allow others to lead a group with people they invite.  The intent in doing this is to lower the barriers to entry, see a number of new groups start at the same time, and gain synergy across all groups.

Why this study? What’s it about?

We are all busy. Some of us can’t remember the last time we rested or even had free time. Our busyness can feel productive but it is a toxic distraction, sapping our spiritual, physical, and emotional vitality. It may seem like we have no choice but to live at a frantic pace, but God has a better path for us.

Pastor and author John Mark Comer addresses one of the greatest threats to our spiritual lives: hurry. Instead of allowing our calendars and screens to control our lives, Jesus offers us a new rhythm of life, overflowing with grace, peace, and beauty.

When is the church-wide study?

Because this study will align with our weekend sermon series, we’re asking all groups to follow the same schedule:

  • BEGIN: Week beginning Sunday, Sept. 10
  • END: (7-session study): Week beginning Sunday, October 22, 2023


What are the outcomes we want to see from this emphasis?

  • More than 50% of average weekly worship attendance is involved in a group doing the study
  • 150 new people involved in groups
  • At least 12 new groups formed
  • >80% of new groups continue on as Community Groups after this study is finished.

Three Ways to Participate…

1. Existing Community Groups

All existing groups are invited to participate. If you are open, and actively looking to add new people to your group, that will be possible through this group emphasis. Your group members DO NOT need to register individually for this study.

As a leader, simply REGISTER YOUR GROUP HERE if you plan to participate.

2. Brand New Community Groups

We are hoping to see 12-15 brand new Community Groups begin for this study. Leaders will be recruited, vetted, and equipped to lead a new group for the length of the study.  Every new group will have the option at the conclusion of the study to elect whether to continue on and become an on-going Community Group–we hope they will!!

Who do you know that would be a great leader of a new group starting for this study? Let us know and we’ll reach out to them.

3. Host a Group with Friends

Anyone who would like to host a group of friends, family, neighbors, co-workers can do so by signing up and receiving materials (registration link will be up later). We will NOT connect new people to these groups-–they will be formed by personal invitation only. This is a great way to engage your neighbors or friends who may not be currently engaged in a church, but open to doing this study together.

Ready to Participate? Register your group here

Frequently Asked Questions

Is participation required?

No, be we hope every group will participate! This is one of the few times (once a year?) that we invite all groups to do the same study. This will be unique in that it will also align with the weekend services and we will be launching a number of new groups at the same time. We don’t want you to feel left out when everyone else is participating!

What materials/resources will I need?

  • Video content is available on RightNow Media for free. Email Nick or Josh if you need a login. We suggest watching the video sessions during your group time. You will need a TV and computer to access.
  • A printed discussion guide will be provided to leaders. At this point we do not plan to provide a study guide for participants.
  • The book by the same title is a great supplement to this study, but entirely optional for anyone who chooses to read it.

What if I’m already doing a study during this timeframe?

Because the study will align with the weekend sermon series, we’re asking every participating group to follow the same schedule: begin week of Sept 10 and end the week of Oct 22. If you’re in a study that you can pause and come back to, that’s a great thing to plan for and let your group know ahead of time. If it’s just not possible to pause, then we’d suggest you plan to do this study at a later time.

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