Family Life Retreat Opportunity

The Family Life Retreat (formerly “Family Camp”) is a great chance to engage the families in your group outside your typical environment. See what other group leaders have said about how this weekend impacted their group…


What if you could share a whole weekend with your Community Group in a context unlike any other you’ve likely experienced before?!  PV Family Camp is just such an opportunity to build deeper relationships with your Community Group.  Look at it as an annual turn-key retreat weekend that could be catalytic in helping establish some new relationships or taking existing relationships to deeper level.  There’s nothing like having a shared experience in a setting other than your typical group environment.

Here’s one Community Group leader’s experienced at Family Camp…

We had a great time going to Family Camp as a Community Group. It was a lot of fun to get to know the people outside of group, because we were able to see a different side of people.  The experience really brought us closer together as a group.  Our group reserved rooms all in the same lodge and shared the…

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Multi-dimensional Group Life Pt 1

The shift toward 3D programming seems to be the current rage in movies and even TV technology.  Whether in video games, movies, or TV, the goal of developers is to make the experience more realistic—more like the real thing.  We view and experience the world in three dimensions, so why would anyone want to watch … Continue reading Multi-dimensional Group Life Pt 1

Removing the Masks Pt. 2

This is part two of a series on the practice of confession in your community group.  If you haven’t already, click here to read Part 1.. Defining Confession While confession has a number of facets and unique expressions in Scripture, at its most base level, confession means: to be in agreement with God; to take … Continue reading Removing the Masks Pt. 2

Bonhoeffer on Confession

- Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together In confession the break-through to community takes place.  Sin demands to have a man by himself.  It withdraws him from the community.  The more isolated a person is, the more destructive will be the power of sin over him, and the more deeply he becomes involved in it, the more … Continue reading Bonhoeffer on Confession

Removing the Masks

Think about the last time someone made of confessed of sin in your community group meeting.  What was the reaction by you and the group?  What did it do to the feel of the group dynamic? If you’re still trying to remember a time confession happened in your group, you’re not alone.  Let’s be honest, … Continue reading Removing the Masks

Saying the Hard Word…Pt. 2

As a leader you will at some point encounter a situation in which you have to say the hard word.  That’s part of the task of leadership and an inevitable reality in group life.  Building on the principle of balancing truth and grace laid out in Pt. 1 of Saying the Hard Word let’s take … Continue reading Saying the Hard Word…Pt. 2

Saying the Hard Word…Pt. 1

One of the most remarkable descriptors of Jesus Christ is that He came “full of grace and truth” (John 1:14).  What is so remarkable about the very nature of Christ is that it is so unlike our human nature.  Everyone, including us Christians, tend to lean in either the “grace” camp or the “truth” camp.  … Continue reading Saying the Hard Word…Pt. 1

Transparent Leadership: The Power of Sharing Stories Pt. 2

Contributions from Barb Condra (CG Leader) Read Part 1 in this series The most common single type of writing in the Bible is narrative...story.*  There’s obviously something profound about sharing story, if God chose to use this as one of the primary ways of revealing himself to us.  If your group members have never been … Continue reading Transparent Leadership: The Power of Sharing Stories Pt. 2