We’re asking all Community Groups to participate in a church-wide study using the study Starting Point, sometime between January and end of April, 2015.  Here’s everything you need to know!

StartingPoint_580x326What is Starting Point?

Starting Point is an 8-week study intended to help participants explore faith and the Bible in a conversational environment designed to meet them right where they are in their spiritual journey.  It is primarily intended for three specific audiences:

  • Seekers do not identify as a Christian but are curious about God, Jesus, the Bible, or Christianity.
  • Starters are new to a relationship with Jesus Christ and are looking to build a solid foundation for their faith.
  • Returners have a church background but have been away for a while.

Why this study for Community Groups?

Though we have used Starting Point at PV for several years, the content for this study has recently been updated and reformatted.  We want all Community Groups to go through this study in early 2015, for two main reasons…

First, it’s great content!  Regardless of where your group is in their spiritual maturity, church experience, or phase of the life-cycle, we know that this study is going to be useful to your group members.  Andy Stanley is an excellent communicator, and this study is designed to give an overview of the Story of God from the Bible and then help participants find their place in His story.

Second, it’s going to help create even greater awareness about what the Starting Point environment is and the value it might have for someone who is exploring what it means to have a relationship with Christ or who is new in the journey of following Him.  After going through this study in your group, we would encourage your group members to invite friends, family, or co-workers who they’ve been having spiritual conversations with, to consider attending a Starting Point group with them.  Doing so would definitely give a great platform for further conversations; and having already gone through the study in your Community Group, they’re going to be that much more familiar with it.

What’s the format for the study?

This study is set up for 8 sessions;  each session includes a video teaching (each approx. 40 minutes long) and a group discussion.  The video messages are available entirely online for free, or physical DVDs are also available (see below).    www.spmembers.com

Recommended Approach

  • Have your group members watch each session before your group meeting (available online for free)
  • In your group meeting discuss the session and dig deeper to help each member personalize the message.

This approach will have the greatest impact, as each person will have more time to process the message, as well as giving you more time in your group meeting for discussion.  Also, by accessing the videos online at the provided link, there are numerous other videos and articles to supplement each week’s message.
This approach is strongly recommended!

Optional Alternative Approach

  • Watch each video session in your group meeting, followed up by the discussion.

Because of the length of each session (approx. 40 min.) this will not leave much time for discussion.   You will likely need to reduce or eliminate time spent on other elements of your group meeting in order to ensure you have time to thoroughly discuss each session.

What do I need and where do I get it?

Leader’s Guide

This has everything you need to prepare and lead your weekly discussion.

  • Print copies of the Leader’s Guide are available in the Library, at the West end, near the CG resources; or contact Betty Flowers.
  • Digital PDF version is available for download here (1.5MB PDF).

Session Videos

There are 8 videos, one for each sessions; plus a supplemental video called the Grace Film, intended for use during session 6.

  • DVDs of the videos are available in the Library, at the West end, near the CG resources; or contact Betty Flowers.
  • All videos can be accessed online for free here:  www.spmembers.com

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