Journibles are an effective way to combine personal Scripture reading and memory, with study and journaling.  Inspired by Deuteronomy 17:18, where Moses instructs the future King of Israel to hand-copy the Law, this series provides an easy, but effective way to engage in Scripture in a different way. The format is simple: The right-hand pages of the book are for handwriting the Scripture text.  The left-hand pages of the book offer guided questions to take notes as you read. As you work through each section, you are reading, then writing the text, while also studying and reflecting on it.

How to Use in Your Group?

Have everyone get the selected book of the Bible you’re going to go through (see retailer links below).  Then each week assign a passage to write out before the next meeting.  Each group member should come to the next meeting having recorded the text and their own notes on the journaling side to share with the group.  Everyone in the group will benefit from the unique insights and perspectives each person brings, in effect sharpening one another in their walk with Christ.  In the additional space on the page, group members can record other unique insights brought forth by their peers for future reference or further study.

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