Every leader needs someone to come alongside them with words of truth and wisdom to encourage, admonish, and help them in their life and leadership.  Biblically, that’s the on-going discipleship process.  A Community Director is a mentor of Community Group Leaders that can do just that, by engaging in intentional Gospel conversation with focused discussions about a leader’s personal, relational, spiritual and leadership life.

  • Regular, consistent, but informal meetings together  (monthly or bi-monthly)
  • Transparent, Spirit-led conversations
  • Guidance in a personal plan for spiritual growth
  • Encouragement in the vision for PV Community Groups

The most important investment we can make in a Community Group Leader is to ensure that they are being poured into through a mentoring/discipling relationship.  The Community Director is there to support the group leader as a disciple of Jesus, first, and as a group leader, second.

Community Directors are not just there to “keep tabs” on leaders and their group; and they’re not just “coaches” who give advice on how to lead a group better.  They are Spiritual Directors with the heart of a shepherd who value the leaders they are privileged to invest in, and who desire to develop a personal relationship of trust and mutual encouragement.

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